No more hate...EDUCATE

We have hit a point in society, where people are scared to talk.

Everyone is so concerned with being politically correct and “woke” that they cannot have a REAL, VULNERABLE conversation that might actually lead to progress and solutions.

To pretend that we, as humans, do not have any prejudices, that we “see no color” and we are never ignorant is a total lie.


We all have our own idea of what is “right” and there are some topics we cannot even begin to understand the other side…

We are all a product of how we were raised—(even if you have grown-up and realized some of the shit your parents taught you was WAY off-base).

This shit is deeply ingrained ya’ll and that’s what makes it so important to dig deep into that aspect of ourselves.

The more we pretend like that’s not true, the more we hide or push our prejudices under the rug - the further away we get from being inter-connected, like we were intended to be, all along.

Look - I’m ignorant as fuck on many topics. I’m the person who asks inappropriate and probing questions to people I barely know. Here’s why…I want my kids to KNOW BETTER, to DO BETTER and to BE BETTER than I ever could. I want them to acknowledge their privilege, fight against any and all forms of oppression and be an advocate to anyone else in the same boat OR a completely different fucking boat.

I have always had an incredible knack for “seeing both sides” in just about any debate. I usually find myself very passionately on one side or the other, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t hear the other side or empathize with what they’re trying to say or accomplish. MOST people are NOT bad people - if we can have conversations and get to the emotion behind the comments, the decisions, etc. maybe we could actually get somewhere…

The problem is—many of us surround ourselves with people just like us—that’s our comfort zone. We seek out friendships, follow people on instagram and watch documentaries that all support our big picture story of what we think life is supposed to be.

Disagree? Have you ever “unfollowed” or “unfriended” someone because they are “pro-choice” when you are “pro-life”, etc.? Of course you have - and I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing—sometimes you have to protect your mental health and tap out of the drama.

But - WHAT IF - you had a conversation with that person? What if, you truly tried to get to the bottom of WHY they felt the way they do. Worst case scenario you might learn something and broaden your perspective on a topic, regardless of if you agree with that person or not. Best case scenario - YOU FIND SOME COMMON GROUND. YOU BUILD A CONNECTION via love and understanding because you took the time to listen to someone.

When we truly take the time to listen to one another, to assume most people have good intentions - we are bridging the gap between two opposing sides - we are building off of love instead of dividing over hate. THIS IS HUGE!

I legit DO NOT CARE what religion, gender, social class, economic standing, race, etc. you are - as long as you realize that YOUR RIGHTS END as soon as they start encroaching on MY RIGHTS. Now when I say, I do not care about the above details - it does not mean that I do not value those things about you or understand that they make up a HUGE part of WHO you are and what your experience on this Earth is like- I am just saying…if you aren’t hurting anybody…DO YOU.

Let’s all just acknowledge that people (as a whole) are ignorant — and because of that—can we all commit to making a bigger effort to educate with love (no matter how angry someone makes us) because then you’re showing the world YOUR CHARACTER - and depending on how that person acts…well, that’s on them. And like my mama always said, “ You catch more flies with honey…”

In hopes of starting some uncomfortable (but hopefully life-changing) conversations, I am going to start a series called “Both Sides”. Some topics that will be covered are:

  • Abortion (women’s reproductive rights)

  • Vaccines

  • Black Lives Matter

  • LGBTQIAPD (please forgive me if I missed anything in this acronym - this is an area where i am Uneducated/ignorant).

  • Gun Control

  • Immigration issues

If any of these topics hit close to home and you are REALLY passionate about them - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reach out to help me with this. As the series title implies - I WANT TO HEAR ARGUMENTS FOR BOTH SIDES.

FYI: I will be putting together questionnaires to make involvement pretty effortless -so please don’t hesitate to get involved.

Let’s get to talking!