I promise…

Photo credit: Unknown

Photo credit: Unknown

To listen

  • Feeling heard is HUGE.

  • When people do not feel heard - things can get messy and hateful.

  • If I have said or done something offensive - DO NOT be hateful, EDUCATE ME - we can all be ignorant sometimes, myself included.

    I promise to always listen with an open mind and heart.

to help you sift through the bullshit

  • I will never promote or try to sell you something I do not personally use myself and KNOW to be a good and helpful product.

  • I will ALWAYS be painfully honest, real and vulnerable — and allow you, the same.

  • I will cite my sources (when relevant to the post, product or “claim”).

I promise to never bullshit you.

to provide quality content, accessible to everyone

There are so many amazing programs out there, that could REALLY help A TON of people…IF you can afford it.

I promise to create content that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.